--( Bobosse.net )--

Welcome on the public part of Bobosse.net, home of Aurélien Labrosse, software architect and developer at Open Groupe.

This Internet space is also my development playground : home made forge is available in its own sub domain. Be kind, the hosting machine is a bit light!

Curious about me? Please have a look at my LinkedIn profile, see Aurelien Labrosse LinkedIn pageenglish, or Voir le profil LinkedIn d'Aurelien Labrossefrench.

If you wonder about my hobbies, checkout my CampToCamp or EveryTrail pages. You may find interesting pictures in there! I'm also fond of DH moutain bike, photography and various home made arts.

As a computer geek, I also have technical interests in new technologies and process :

Some of these are used in the LHOPRA project.